INNOTIER is proud to partner with FILA as the fabric supplier of the HK 🇭🇰2024 Olympics team

INNOTIER is proud to partner with FILA as the fabric supplier of the HK 🇭🇰2024 Olympics team


2024 Olympic Games Hong Kong delegation uniform launch conference

2024 Olympic Games Hong Kong delegation uniform launch conference took place in SKY 100 on 25th Jun, 2024. As a home grown Hong Kong brand, our retail company has been selected by FILA as the fabric supplier for the Hong Kong Olympics Team at this year's Paris Olympic Games. The press conference was attended by Mr. Fok Tsun-ting, President of the Hong Kong Sports Association and Olympic Committee (Hong Kong Association and Olympic Committee), and Mr. Fok Kai-kong, Vice President. In addition, President of FILA Greater China, and General Manager of Anta Group Hong Kong and Macau, also attended the scene, together with many Hong Kong Sports Federations and athletes.

Mr. Fok Kai-kong with INNOTIER founder Ms. Lam

The HK athletes will be wearing the apparel made from INNOTIER patented antimicrobial fabric in the opening ceremony and awards ceremony Paris 2024.

This partnership not only marks a significant milestone for our brand but also reinforces our commitment to supporting athletes in their quest for excellence. With our special fabric technology that inhibits and eliminates bacteria and viruses, provides zero-odour properties, and ensures exceptional breathability and comfort, we are thrilled to contribute to the Hong Kong team's success by safeguarding their health and enabling them to perform at their best.

FILA announced HK athletes 2024 Paris Olympics Apparel for opening ceremony and awards cerenomy

INNOTIER's so honored to be chosen by FILA as fabric supplier for HK Olympics Team. INNOTIER fabric is embedded with 99.9% pure silver threads and test proven to be able to inhibit and eliminate 99% bacteria and viruses. Base on the 99% antimicrobial function, our apparel is also zero-odour, anti-dustmite, anti-mosquito and have many other incredible functions.

We understand the importance of providing athletes with apparel that goes beyond mere functionality and contributes to their overall performance and well-being. With our 4 patented technology, we offer a range of benefits that will undoubtedly enhance the athletes' experience and help them compete at the highest level. One of the standout features of our fabric technology is its ability to inhibit and eliminate bacteria and viruses. In today's world, where health concerns are paramount, ensuring the safety and well-being of athletes is of utmost importance. By incorporating this technology into our apparel, we aim to provide an added layer of protection for the Hong Kong team. This means that even during the most intense physical activities, the athletes can remain fresh and comfortable. Our fabric offers exceptional breathability, ensuring proper ventilation and moisture management. This feature allows the Hong Kong team to maintain a comfortable body temperature, preventing overheating and discomfort during their rigorous training sessions and competitions. By prioritizing their comfort, we believe we can contribute to their overall performance and help them achieve their goals.

Besides, INNOTIER fabric is also capable of protecting all of you in your daily life with our antimicrobial fabric. Enjoy a more healthy and stylish life in INNOTIER.

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