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InnoCapsule DP1R5 Portable Disinfectant Pouch – Shaded Blue

InnoCapsule DP1R5 Portable Disinfectant Pouch – Shaded Blue

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Print Collection
Match your outfits with an InnoCapsule from our Prints Collection to perfect the look and always be proud to show your #OOTD.

Material: Anti-viral fabrics with water repellent finish.

InnoCapsule is part of the INNOTIER's IN-Travel series
Our UVC disinfection pouch, InnoCapsule, is the perfect companion piece for the sustainably conscious and smart living traveller. This stylish and functional UVC disinfection pouch removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and 96% of viruses on the surfaces of your personal items in just 3 minutes.

INNOTIER's technology is helping people achieve a sustainable lifestyle in an ever-changing world.

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