InnoCapsule Hertel

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InnoCapsule Hertel is part of INNOTIER's IN-Travel series. It is a UVC Disinfection Belt Bag designed for conscious and smart living travellers.

InnoCapsule Hertel's disinfection functionality is made up of 6 certified UVC LEDs and an ultra-reflective lining to maximise sterilising effectiveness to the items inside.

The UVC LEDs are proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just 3 minutes. To avoid irradiating and harming the eyes caused by the exposure of UVC light, the special design of a Water Resistant Zipper and a Magnetic Safety Lock are built-in. Our design/technology are patented. Start enjoying your InnoCapsule Hertel with a few simple steps!

* UVC Sterilisation LED Array
* Reflective Lining - Maximising Sterilisation Performance
* Magnetic Safety Lock
* GRS Certified Water-repellent Outer Construction
* Water-proof zipper blocks UVC Leakage
* Hidden Pocket with zipper, made with AgDESMO Inner Lining
* Kills 99.9% common bacteria in 3 minutes
* Patent filed
* Certified by STC