InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+
InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+
InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+
InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+
InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+
InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+

InnoShield ECO Series Seamtape TEM95+

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As a brand that strives for a sustainable, healthy & fashionable lifestyle, we also believe that mask-wearing should be our own choice. 

But imagine someone coughing next to you on the train or in the lift, do you really want to risk getting sick? If you had a choice, wouldn’t you want to give yourself the most convenient and best protection with something comfortable and most importantly, fashionable?

INNOTIER is excited to announce our newest game-changing, “light-weight”, GRS recycled yarn-made mask – the INNOSHIELD TEM95+, proven and tested to be able to inhibit and eliminate virus and bacteria, including Human Corona-virus 229E in just 30 seconds while lasting up to 200 washes. 

Your most reliable, stylish, environmental-friendly choice to protect you in congested areas, indoors & travelling.

Disclaimer:  All product pictures shown are for reference only.  Images may differ from the actual product.  Actual colors and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the use environment, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors.
  • Proven against Human CoronaVirus 229E, 99% reduction in just 30 seconds and onwards
  • 100% GRS recycle-yarn made
  • Antiviral & Antimicrobial: Feature Ionic+ technology, harnesses the power of 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric to dramatically reduce virus viability on soft surfaces. Provide self-cleaning and germ-resistant surface
  • Thermodynamics: Regulates body-heat
  • Wireless: Seamtape design, leaving you with no face marks
  • Ultraviolet Protection: UPF 50+
  • Durable: 200 washes
  • Anti-odor
  • Anti-static
  • Adjustable ear loops

Material: 86% Polyester, 8% Spandex and 6% Ionic+ Metalized


Mask – with
adjustable earloop
Adult Extra Adult Adult Petite Kids Toddler
Width (cm) 23.6 21.6 20.8 17.6 15.4
Height (cm) 13.8 13 12.3 11 10
Earloop (cm) 9.5 8.8 8.8 8.5 7

Care: Hand wash cold. Wash separately. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

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Very nice reusable mask.

Quest Wu
Hong Kong

今天出街街行,見到呢個新玩具,可以消毒,又可以殺菌。呢個疫情,covid-19 呢個時世,每日都有咁多宗,你都驚驚啦,見到都會去諗諗,買唔買得過,呢個可愛消毒包包! 你可以出街時,帶埋佢出街,因為佢呢個 size 好似化妝袋咁大,非常細個。只要你放電話,屋企的 key, 仲有 apple watch, 銀紙呀。。。 只需要有 power bank , 咁樣按過制,3分鐘就消毒完畢啦。又安全又方便,3分鐘就攪掂。

Hong Kong

@innotier 呢個 #UVC智能消毒錦囊 👛真係幾好用,岀街食飯消毒餐具、去完街銀包、鎖匙、電話全部放入去,㩒個制 #全方位殺菌消毒 ,可 #降低病毒於表面存活能力 ,同埋 #消滅及抑制人類冠狀病毒及甲型流感 ,唔洗逐樣噴完酒精又再抹乾淨,真係好方便。
呢個袋仔 裡面有 #國際認證UVC燈 , #已獲國際權威檢測中心認證 同 #已獲STC認證 ,可以 #3分鐘消毒 ,無論帶岀街,定係屋企用都好適合呀!

Phoenix Vida
Hong Kong

雖然限聚令放寬咗,但出街都要好好保護自己,我發現innotier 銀織滅菌口罩唔焗,立體唔會整花個妝,淺灰色仲好易襯衫😍

Cathy Cheng
Hong Kong

有效嘅口罩已經係生活不可缺之物,所以除咗要求有唔同款式及顏色襯衫之外,環保都係大勢所趨,呢款可以清洗循環用200次嘅有型口罩,Good 👍

William Lam
Hong Kong

每日返屋企都要用消毒濕紙巾左抹右抹, #INNOTIER 嘅 #InnoCapsule 智能消毒錦囊內置紫外線C燈粒幫我全面消毒袋裡面嘅所有物品,㩒個制就消毒乾淨,真係超方便❤️

依家仲同迪士尼合作推出「米奇與好友」同「#Marvel」系列防護產品,#BlackWidow 件衫真係靚到無得嘆啊😎全套絕對啱晒我呢啲咁忙嘅媽媽,唔使擔心小朋友啦😘

Suki Lam
Hong Kong

Love your comfy and sustainable face masks and products

Adrian Wong
Hong Kong







Kelly Chan
Hong Kong

Staying Safe and Environmentally Sustainable with @innotier . Their products which are made with love in a sustainable way 💚 Highly recommend their InnoShields 😷~ They are light and comfortable and I absolutely love the adjustable earloop 👍🏼 Love my @innotier
mask, super comfy and breathable

Maggie Skylar
Hong Kong