Limited Edition InnoShield – Operation Smile

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HK$10 of every InnoShield sold will be donated to Operation Smile!

Operation Smile Hong Kong has announced a new collaboration with INNOTIER to help provide free surgeries for children born with cleft lip, cleft palate, or other facial deformities in developing countries (more than 308,000 children to-date). The recent COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted cleft children due to their reliance on breathing through their mouth rather than their nose, making it challenging to filter out certain viruses. The partnership will ensure this at-risk group in hard-to-reach communities continues to receive the help they desperately need in 2021 and beyond.
In support of this meaningful cause, INNOTIER will help to raise public awareness by extending the fundraising for reusable mask sales to a year (till 11 November 2021) to support surgery fees for these children.

When you share InnoShield with your loved ones, you know you are restoring smiles around the world!

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  • Conformity with the requirements of GB18401-2010A and FZ/T73049-2014+ Qualified Product and GB/T5296.4-2012 (view report here)
  • The MicroStar Lab JIS L 1902:2015 Test Report (12193 Wandz WTN87004 200x wash) (view report here )
  • The MicroStar Lab AATCC Test Method 100-2019 Test Report (12709 Wandz WTN87004-1 200x wash) (view report here )
  • The MicroStar Lab ASTM E 2149-20 Test Report (12709 Wandz WTN87004-1 200x wash) (view report here )
  • XT2 Certification - WTN87004 (view report here)
  • Differential Pressure (view report here)
  • EN 13758-1:2001+A1:2006 Textiles - Solar UV protective properties – UPF50+ (view report here)
  • Toxicological Risk Assessments and LHAMA Evaluation (view report here)
  • FZ/T 73049-2014 (knitted mask) Air Permeability Test Report (view report here)
  • Oeko-Tex confidence in textiles standard 100 20.HUS.38197 Hohenstein Htti (view report here)
  • ISO 10993-10 Intracutaneous Injection Test Report (view report here)

The silver helps release ions from the yarn. When we incorporate the silver Ionic+™ antimicrobial technology into our products, the positively charged silver ions are released in the presence of respiratory moisture and act in a variety of ways to inhibit and eliminate bacteria on the surface of the mask, protecting the mask from microbial impact.

  • Silver Ion Technology is patented material and features Ionic+™
  • 99.9% pure silver that is woven directly into the fabric, providing a dramatic reduction in viruses and microbes viability on soft surfaces thus provides self-cleaning and germ-resistant surface
  • The positively charged silver ions are released in the presence of respiratory moisture and act in a variety of ways to inhibit and eliminate germ & bacteria on the surfaces of the mask
  • Proven effective against Human Coronavirus 229E, H1N1 & H3N2, up to 98.87%
  • Light-weight and breathable
  • Incorporates thermodynamic technology that responds to the body’s heat and wetness and keeps you at a comfortable temperature at all times
  • Powerful odor control
  • Reduce and remove the build-up of static electricity
  • Hidden nose adjuster
  • Face contour fitting with coverage from nose to mouth for enhanced comfort
  • Durable: up to 200x times by hand wash

The InnoShield offers extensive protection from germs, bacteria, dust, haze, pollution, and pollen. The InnoShield is perfect for daily life due to its comfortable design - Ideal for schools, offices, F&B, retail shops, banks, traveling, indoor and outdoor activities etc.

Material: 86% Polyester, 8% Spandex and 6% X-static


Mask – without
adjustable earloop
Adult Extra Adult Kids
Width (cm) 23 21 17
Height (cm) 13.8 13 11
Earloop (cm) 8 7.25 7

Mask – with
adjustable earloop
Adult Extra Adult Kids Toddler
Width (cm) 23 21 17 15.5
Height (cm) 13.8 13 11 10
Earloop (cm) 11.5 11 10.5 9.5

Care: Hand wash cold. Wash separately. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.