INNOTIER's 4th Anniversary Was Celebrated With Attendees From Political, Business, and Entertainment Spheres

INNOTIER's 4th Anniversary Was Celebrated With Attendees From Political, Business, and Entertainment Spheres

Home grown Hong Kong brand INNOTIER, an innovative technology brand, was established during the peak of the pandemic. The company is committed to integrating hygiene technology, sustainability, and fashion into everyday life. INNOTIER has launched a series of apparel suitable for daily wear and travel, featuring functionalities such as sterilization, deodorization, dust mite resistance, and UV protection.

2024 marks the fourth anniversary of INNOTIER's founding. This milestone coincides with the company being selected as an official partner of the Hong Kong delegation to the 2024 Paris Olympics. In this capacity, INNOTIER will sponsor the uniforms for Hong Kong's athletes and para-athletes, including two sets of apparel for the opening and medal ceremony events.

INNOTIER celebrated 4th anniversary with a two-day event at flagship store in Central on July 6-7. The celebration was attended by a diverse group, including political and business leaders, entertainment celebrities, VIPs, and other distinguished guests.

Notable attendees from the entertainment industry included artists such as Teresa Mo, Christine Kuo, Eyvonne Lam Yi Kei, Virginia Lok Yee Ling, Mandy Lam Suk Man, Maggie Wong Mei Ki, West Chung, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Daniel Chau Chi Hong, Kirby Lam Sau Yi, Jack Hui Ka Kit, and Aiyana Lo.

The guest list also featured prominent figures from the political and business spheres, such as Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Financial Services) Dr. Allen Shi Lop-tak, former Deputy Director of the Observatory Leung Wing Mo, Founding President of the Hong Kong Society for Innovative Healthcare Dr. LIU Shao Haei, and Chiropractors Dr. Fong and Professor Wong.

At the event, acclaimed actress Teresa Mo praised INNOTIER's apparel for its powerful functionalities, including anti-viral, odor-resistant, breathable, and quick-drying properties, stating that it is her go-to choice for travel and daily wear.

Artist Eyvonne Lam Yi Kei also expressed her admiration for the brand's products, even spontaneously trying on a black and red suit from INNOTIER to showcase its flattering fit on her figure. "My friend's product design is great - antibacterial, sun-protective, refreshing, and fashionable. It's so slimming, even though I don't need it, haha!" Lam, a loyal INNOTIER customer, is often seen wearing the brand's designs in her TV work.

To show gratitude to her friends and VIP guests, INNOTIER founder Juliana thoughtfully presented each attendee with a unique, antibacterial and eco-friendly hand towel personalized with their name. Additionally, the fresh floral dress worn by actress Christine Kuo that day was a custom-made INNOTIER creation.

INNOTIER's collaboration with sports brand FILA has resulted in the development of specialized apparel for Olympic and Paralympic athletes. FILA has incorporated various functional INNOTIER materials into the designs, including effective sterilization, anti-dust mite, sun protection, odor control, mosquito repellent, and hypoallergenic properties.

Furthermore, INNOTIER has sponsored masks and bedding products for all Olympic and Paralympic athletes, ensuring their comfort, health protection, and reduced infection risk, allowing them to perform at their peak, as stated by INNOTIER founder Ms. Juliana.

The INNOTIER event was widely covered by the media, generating citywide discussions and interest.

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