Proud To Sponsor China Hong Kong Paralympics Committee「傷健合BIG 運動日」

Proud To Sponsor China Hong Kong Paralympics Committee「傷健合BIG 運動日」

As a young brand, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to sponsor and support the China and Hong Kong Paralympics team with our innovative, sustainable, and antiviral technology. Today, at the "Countdown to 100 Days" event, INNOTIER’s founder Ms. Lam was granted the privilege of interviewing a Paralympics legend, So Wa Wai.

INNOTIER’s thrilled to see all participants wearing air chilly tee. The tee is capable to inhibit and eliminates 99% of virus, bacteria and human coronavirus 229E in 30 seconds, without viruses and bacteria inside and out, which promises you an odorless experience. It is made with cooling silver technology and thermoregulating silver threads, providing a cooling effect and keeping an optimal temperature for the body. The tee is designed to rapidly absorb moisture from the skin and transport it to the outer surface, helping to keep the wearer dry. What’s more, the tee is also test proven to be anti-acne and anti-dustmite.


The reason why they chose our T-shirt is because it is highly suitable for exercise, sports, and everyday lifestyle activities. Its design and features are tailored to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and breathability, ensuring that athletes can perform at their best. Moreover, our T-shirt incorporates our cutting-edge antiviral technology, which helps protect athletes from viruses and bacteria, ensuring their well-being and optimal sports performance.


We are thrilled to be recognized as an Olympic fabric, and we are proud to contribute to the success of the Olympics and Paralympics. We encourage everyone to show their support for these remarkable events and to explore our T-shirt, which not only offers exceptional performance benefits but also prioritizes the health and safety of athletes.

Let's come together and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, inclusivity, and excellence as we cheer on the China and Hong Kong Paralympics team and all the incredible athletes participating in the Olympics and Paralympics.

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