M's Vertex Polo Premium

Regular priceHK$1,480.00

Summer Collection 2022

Summer is here, and it's time to dress for the HEAT. INNOTIER brings you a series of lightweight clothes that are cool and comfortable while protecting you from viruses and bacteria. We have chosen an elegant, soft gradient color combination on our InnoShield Champion Series, that makes you look bright and fresh, and dress in harmony with the hot weather. We are also bringing you a new series of Vertex collections making you look sharp and stylish, cool and breezy in the Heat.

Blazer reigns supreme as a wardrobe essential of no limits. Our AgeDESMO Chic Blazer is antiviral, inhibiting and eliminating Human Coronavirus 229E under 30s, and includes BFE & VFE over 99%. With anti-odour and thermodynamic features which can regulate body heat. This chic blazer can instantly elevate any outfit, everything from a strapless dress to jeans and a tee office outfit.

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