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Kid's B Duck InnoShield Seamtape TEM95+ – Wink Wink

Kid's B Duck InnoShield Seamtape TEM95+ – Wink Wink

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B Duck Collection

Discover INNOTIER's latest collaboration with B Duck, offering a playful yet protective collection. Explore the world's first antiviral plush toy alongside our range of distinctive and vibrant products, ensuring a carefree, virus-free environment!

Features of the TEM95+

As a brand that strives for a sustainable, healthy & fashionable lifestyle, we also believe that mask-wearing should be our own choice. 

But imagine someone coughing next to you on the train or in the lift, do you really want to risk getting sick? If you had a choice, wouldn’t you want to give yourself the most convenient and best protection with something comfortable and most importantly, fashionable?

INNOTIER is excited to announce our newest game-changing, “light-weight”, GRS recycled yarn-made mask – the INNOSHIELD TEM95+, proven and tested to be able to inhibit and eliminate virus and bacteria, including Human Corona-virus 229E in just 30 seconds while lasting up to 200 washes. 

Your most reliable, stylish, environmental-friendly choice to protect you in congested areas, indoors & travelling.

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