2023 Collaborations & Partnerships

Our Biggest Collaborations

With celebrity designed collections, IP collaborations, meaningful sponsorships and more, we've managed to create many positive and impactful partnerships with the biggest Hong Kong and international organisations in the world.

We hope to continue to promote our commitment of combining

Sustainability x Antiviral Protective Technology x Fashion.

  • Teresa Mo's "MomoZone" Collection

    Explore Teresa Mo's first ever apparel and accessories collection, crafted for a youthful, stylish, and minimalist aesthetic.

    Designed with a focus on functionality, these versatile pieces can be effortlessly worn at any occasion.

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  • "Jennifer Yu" Collection

    As a new mother of two, Jennifer introduces a collection of ergonomic products designed to prioritize hygiene and comfort for mothers and babies. These thoughtful products ensure optimal functionality while enhancing the well-being of mother and child.

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Launch event highlights


On Mother's Day 2023, we collaborated with Hong Kong's B Duck, to create a collection featuring the first ever antiviral plush toy and a variety of apparel and accessories to bring smiles to people while provide the best hygiene and protection.

"Run for Girls x Plan HK" Sustainable Apparel Sponsorship

In April 2023, to support the meaningful cause and spread the importance of women's and girls’ rights, INNOTIER has sponsored 1,300 runners with our Vertex Air T-shirt, giving all the runners an odourless, mosquito-free, virus-free running experience.


By supplying FILA with our advanced antiviral fabric, they launched a fully antiviral tracksuit in early 2023. This exclusive tracksuit proudly carries the label "Powered by INNOTIER" and was in all 2000 FILA stores across China.


As one of the most premium holiday resort companies, we are very grateful to have Club Med's recognition of INNOTIER's antiviral and sustainable technology to provide travellers with maximum safety and protection.

Check out an interview between our founder Ms Juliana Lam, and the General Manager of Club Med Hong Kong and Taiwan about our collaboration.

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