7 Cool Facts To Know About The Paris 2024

7 Cool Facts To Know About The Paris 2024

  1. The 33rd edition of the Summer Olympic Games will take place in Paris, France from July 26 to August 11. The Paris 2024 Olympics will mark the centenary of Paris 1924.
  2. It will feature 33 sports in total and 329 medal events, and four new sports: breaking dancing, skate boarding, surfing, and sport climbing.
  3. For the first time ever, the same emblem would be used for both Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.
  4. Paris 2024 is a sustainable Olympic Games and the first Olympics fully aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement, aiming to reduce carbon footprint by 55 percent.

The Paris 2024 Olympics aim to prioritize sustainability and set new standards for environmentally friendly sporting events. Let’s find out some key aspects of the sustainability efforts for Paris 2024:

One: Use of Existing and Temporary venues, rather than constructing new ones.

Two: Low Carbon Emissions: They plan to accomplish this by promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, and offsetting carbon emissions through various initiatives.

Three: Sustainable Mobility: The Olympics often require extensive transportation infrastructure while the Paris 2024 aim to promote sustainable mobility by encouraging the use of public transport, cycling, and walking for athletes, officials, and spectators. The organizer will prioritize efficient transportation systems to minimize the environmental impact of moving people around the city.

Four: Circular Economy: The organizers are committed to reusing, recycling and repurposing materials and equipment used during the Games.

Five: Biodiversity and Green spaces: The organizers are dedicated to preserving and enhancing biodiversity within the Olympics sites and their surroundings.

Six: Social and Ethical Responsibility: The sustainability of Paris 2024 also extended to social and ethical aspects. The organizers aim to leave a positive legacy by engaging local communities, supporting local businesses, and fostering social integration.

  1. There is a new concept of mass participation events which will be introduced in Paris 2024, where the public can join the athletes in running, cycling and rowing. It fully explains the slogan: Games wide open.
  2. The opening ceremonies of the Paris 2024 will begin at 8:24pm on July 26. The opening day ceremonies will be unique in three ways.

One: It will be held outside of an arena for the first time.

Two: It will take place in the heart of the city showcasing the iconic heritage of France.

Three: It will take place right on the river Seine! The organizers have provided non-ticket areas where citizens can attend the ceremony at no charge. Spectators will be able to see the parade of the athletes, musical performances and fireworks from great viewing spots all along the riverbanks. If you want to try that route, you’d better go early because those spots are prime and going to fill up quickly.

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