【INNOTIER | Innovative Life】

【INNOTIER | Innovative Life】

April 23, 2021

【INNOTIER | Innovative Life】
Innovative concepts integrate technology, protection and trends in order for bringing a sustainable life experience.

InnoCapsule - Hertel
The first international patent filed UVC Disinfection Belt Bag that has proven to be safe & effective on killing virus/bacteria.

Our UVC disinfection belt bag integrates fashionable appearance and high-efficiency protection, has obtained highest lab SGS PERFORMANCE TESTED. With internationally recognized UV-C sterilisation LED array and Reflective Lining – Maximising Sterilization Performance, it exerts the highest disinfection efficiency! In just three minutes, 99.99% of bacteria and common germs can be killed, your personal belongings can be disinfected at any time!

Product Highlights:
🔸 Equipped with magnetic safety lock which allows UVC disinfection process stopped automatically when the zipper is opened, in order to avoid improperly used by children and prevent UV-C leakage.

🔸 GRS Certified Water-repellent Outer Construction with water-proof zipper which blocks UV-C leakage, you can use it with extra protection at any time.

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