【 INNOTIER | Walk with Nature 】

【 INNOTIER | Walk with Nature 】

April 21, 2021

【 INNOTIER | Walk with Nature 】
Our technology and sustainable materials allow you to protect your planet and yourself with the most comfortable experience.

InnoShield · InnoCuff · InnoCapCover
The material is breathable and elastic- can resist viruses and bacteria during outdoor activities. At the same time, it protects the face, forearms and back of the neck from UV damage. In addition to improving personal protection, there is no shortage of comfort.

🔸INNOTIER’s silver woven materials adapt US ionic+ technology, which can effectively eliminate more than 98.86% of viruses and bacteria on the surface of the material within 2 hours. It has a UPF50+ sun protection function to resist UV damage to the skin.

🔸Designed with sustainable materials.Can be washed and reused. Care the environment, walk with nature!

* Please do not leave any rubbish on the ground, therefore increasing waste load in our planet.

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