【New Trends in Anti-epidemic - InnoTier Sustainable Lifestyle Technology Brand】

【New Trends in Anti-epidemic - InnoTier Sustainable Lifestyle Technology Brand】

December 23,  2020

InnoTier teams up with U.K. R&D and U.S. Anti-microbial Expert, creating
anti-epidemic trends in sustainable ways!

  • New Launch: AgDESMO Athleisure Anti-microbial wear for those on-the-go!
  • World’s First InnoSpace “Smart Disinfecting Cloakroom” - Disinfect your clothes with 4 easy steps in just 5 minutes!
  • InnoShield new Christmas colors collections ready for this festive holiday!
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23 December 2020, Hong Kong – In July 2020, Julius Group teamed up with their UK R&D team and Noble Biomaterial Inc.®, the global leader from the United States in antimicrobial solutions, to officially launch InnoTier. InnoTier is a lifestyle brand that integrates innovation and sustainability into developing pioneering sustainable disinfectant products. Three cutting-edge products, including the antimicrobial mask InnoShield, antimicrobial gloves InnoTouch and UVC disinfecting pouch InnoCapsule, were launched and received unprecedented positive market feedback. The innovative collections were developed with the aim of enabling people to lead hygienic and sustainable lives amidst the current global pandemic.

Today, InnoTier steps up the game by announcing yet another groundbreaking lifestyle product, a new line under IN-Travel - AgDESMO that will be launched in January 2021 - a patented athleisure anti-microbial wear designed for everyone on-the-go. Business travelers, students, and anyone who needs to work or travel around will love this product.

Meanwhile, our earlier announced pioneering product InnoSpace, the world’s first portable 5-minute smart disinfectant garment bag is officially launched this Christmas. With a vision to create a more sustainable future, InnoSpace is designed to enhance and ease our daily lives especially during the pandemic. It comes in 3 sizes and with a variety of colors. The new colors as well as the special InnoShield X-mas Set will make great gifts for everyone during this festive season. Show your love and protect your beloved ones this Christmas! Place your order via https://innotier.com/

World’s first portable 5-minute
smart disinfecting garment bag
(available on Dec 20, 2020)

AgDESMO patented athleisure anti-microbial wear (Launching in Mid-January 2021)
(available for preorder soon)


IN-Travel Collection:
The new AgDESMO Athleisure Anti-microbial Wear  
(Available for preorder from 25 Dec 2020 onwards)

Going out and travelling is a big deal these days during the pandemic, your clothes may have been contaminated while at the store or another public space where social distancing is challenging. AgDESMO Athleisure Anti-microbial Wear is the answer to keeping you safe, bacteria-free and giving you a peace of mind.

Registered in UK as a technology brand under InnoTier, AgDESMO anti-microbial jacket, hoodie and pants are made with 99.9% pure silver, woven directly into the fabric, dramatically reducing virus viability on soft surfaces. They have been ASTM tested and certified, the fabric has a BFE>99.5% and tested can be washed over 200 times. The featured ionic+™ technology reduces the spread of pathogens, even when the clothes cannot be washed immediately. The jacket features include anti-odor, heat preservation, durable, anti-static and skin-friendly, making it the best protection during this period.

AgDESMO Anti-microbial Hoodie

AgDESMO Anti-microbial Pant

Expandable side zip design

99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric


AgDESMO Anti-microbial Hoodie under IN-Travel are created with an expandable side zip design and extendable visor to ensure maximum protection including the face; Together with InnoShield, InnoTouch, face shield and AgDESMO pants – you are guaranteed 100% protection.

Ag is the chemical symbol of silver, which also carries the atomic number 47 on the periodic table, DESMO means "bond, fastening, chain" in Greek. The name AgDESMO literally explains the idea behind its technology where 99.9% pure silver yarn is woven directly into the fabric dramatically inhibiting virus viability.

AgDESMO Anti-microbial Jacket

AgDESMO Athleisure Anti-microbial Wear

  • AgDESMO Anti-microbial Jacket
  • Size from S to XL; 5 colors; Price HKD4,900 & above
  • AgDESMO Anti-microbial Hoodie
  • Size from S to XL; 5 colors; Price HKD4,200 & above
  • AgDESMO Anti-microbial Pant
  • Size from S to XL; Black Color; Price HKD3,600 & above


IN-Living Collection:
World’s First InnoSpace “Smart Disinfecting Cloakroom” comes in 3 sizes!
Disinfect your clothes with 4 easy steps in just 5 minutes!
(Available for sale online)

During the pandemic, choosing what to wear can be a chore. Spraying disinfectants on clothes may damage the fabric, while dry cleaning thick jackets and jumpers are costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming. A “disinfecting cloakroom” might be the solution.

The world’s first smart disinfecting cloakroom, InnoSpace is a stylish and functional UVC disinfection garment bag designed for the sustainably conscious and smart living traveller. The inner layer is made of highly reflective materials, and certified UVC LEDs are attached to the front and back side to eliminate up to 99.9% bacteria on the surface of your garment in just 5 minutes.

The patented design of the extra-strong water-proof zippers and a magnetic safety lock prevent eye irritation from exposure of UVC light. This bag is certified by SGS, the world’s leading testing centre. In addition, the water-repellent material qualities and the GRS certified high quality recycled fabric guarantees a durable and luxurious clothing disinfection experience wherever you are.

InnoSpace is good for home use, also portable and handy for travel – foldable and fits neatly as a carry-on.

In 4 simple steps: “Zip me, Magnet me, Connect me and Press me”, the clothes will be disinfected in just 5 minutes. During disinfection, any attempt to unzip will automatically stop the UVC disinfecting process. This ensures worry-free home usage and the safety of children in case of any possible accidents caused by unintended unzipping.

InnoSpace comes in 3 sizes (80cm, 110 cm and 150cm) perfect for disinfecting different kinds of clothes e.g. coats, jackets, jeans, dress and even evening gowns and wedding dresses etc. Different size of InnoSpace comes in different trendy colors (refer to table below).



Smart Disinfecting Cloakroom 110
IT blue (110cm long) $8,988
(Launched on 20 December 2020)

Smart Disinfecting Cloakroom 150
Space Grey (150cm long) HKD$12,088
Coming Soon

Smart Disinfecting Cloakroom 80
Lady Pink (80cm long) HKD$7,488
Coming Soon

Smart Disinfecting Cloakroom 80
Olive Green (80cm long) HKD$7,488
Coming Soon


IN-Travel & IN-Care Collection:
InnoTier Anti-Epidemic Collection, Protects Everyone from Bacteria and Viruses
(Available for sale online)

Launched in the market with overwhelming feedback were the reusable silver woven antimicrobial mask InnoShield, silver woven antimicrobial gloves InnoTech and UVC disinfection pouch InnoCapsule, all produced using the ionic+™ technology. The patented technology Ionic+™ which features 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric, is FDA approved as well as meets ASTM, AATCC and JIS antimicrobial testing standards. It has been proven to dramatically reduce virus viability on soft surfaces, reducing the risk of bacterial infection especially during the pandemic.

InnoShield Disinfecting Mask

Self-cleaning and anti-microbial
(Price: HK$89-129)

InnoShield is a unique mask featuring ionic+™ technology, it harnesses the power of 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric to dramatically reduce virus viability on soft surfaces. Its self-cleaning and anti-microbial functions protect us against bacteria, dust, haze, pollution and pollen. It is proven to be effective in eliminating and inhibiting 78.07% in 10 minutes and up to 98.87% in 2 hours of human coronavirus 229E, influenza H1N1, H3N2 and H3N2.

Made from stretchable materials, the contour curve line of InnoShield and the extended nose adjuster provide excellent wearing comfort. InnoShield comes in 5 colours and 4 sizes – Toddler, Kids, Adult and Adult Extra.

InnoShield Christmas Gift Set

A special 3-in-1 InnoShield gift set has been launched to celebrate the festive season. The set consist 3 pure silver woven masks in exciting Christmas colors collection - Lavender, Jade and Rouge Red.

InnoShield Christmas Gift Set (Price: HK$288)

InnoTouch Disinfection Glove

Breathable and lightweight, built-in conductive fingertips for touchscreen 

InnoTouch gloves are breathable and lightweight premium gloves that features Ionic+™ technology harnessing the power of 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric to dramatically reduce virus viability on soft surfaces. It is proven to be effective in eliminating and inhibiting up to 98.86% in 2 hours of human coronavirus 229E, influenza H1N1, H3N2 and H3N2. The skin-fit gloves provide optimal grip performance to allow the best dexterity in movement, with built-in conductive fingertips touchscreen to protect us throughout the day.

Suitable for both adults and kids, InnoTouch gloves come in a variety of 6 sizes to fit young kids aged 2-4 to adults and has introduced new colors to the collection including pewter, snow white and lady pink.

InnoTouch (Price: HK$ 129/Adults; HK$109/Kids)

InnoCapsule Disinfection Pouch

4 simple steps to kill 99.99% bacteria in just 3 minutes

Similar to InnoSpace, the world’s first patented UVC disinfecting pouch InnoCapsule requires only 4 simple steps to kill 99.9% bacteria on carry-ons in just 3 minutes. Certified by internationally recognized laboratories SGS and STC, InnoCapsule UVC disinfection pouch is made with the GRS certified high quality recycled, sustainable, premium and water-repellent fabrics. The inner layer is made of the brand’s unique 360-degree reflective lining, and 6 certified Ultraviolet A + C LED (UVA+UVC LED) which are attached to the front and back.

Research has proven that UVC can eliminate most common bacteria and germs. Simply put your personal items such as mobile phones (switched off), masks, glasses, accessories, utensils, gloves, stationery (except disposable utensils) into the capsule to start the disinfection process.

InnoPouch’s unique 360-degree reflective lining, and 6 certified Ultraviolet A + C LED (UVA+UVC LED)

InnoCapsule features a water-proof zipper and a magnetic safety lock to prevent any eye irritation caused by exposure of UVC light. The latest version has a belt holder that you can attach to your own belt or straps to match your outfits.

InnoCapsule is now available in black, Lady Pink, IT Blue, Olive Green, Snow White and Rouge Red. (Price range from HK$980 to HK$1,180)

About InnoTier

InnoTier is an innovation-driven technology company with a mission to develop products that help people live a more sustainable life. InnoTier believes that a truly innovative approach to technology can have a big impact on the world. It can impact people and the planet and ensure a sustainable future for all. InnoTier was born out of a R&D centre in U.K. where we teamed up with partners in U.S. to develop sustainable lifestyle products before catalysing the wealth of experience in sustainable production and supply chain in Asia and choosing Hong Kong as our Headquarters. InnoTier is wholly owned by Julius Group.
Website : https://innotier.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/innotier/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/innotier/

About Julius Group

Julius Group is the leading innovative manufacturer that combines the latest technologies with the heritage craftsmanship for gloves and fashion accessories production. A one-stop design, manufacturing and supply chain management that commits to international standard with the implementation of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) in a transparent and efficient operation.

About Ionic+™ Technology

Our products are infused with the patented technology Ionic+™ which meets all ASTM, AATCC and JIS antimicrobial testing standards. Ionic+™ technology is FDA approved and is registered as an antimicrobial with US EPA, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. It is used by the United States Special Forces, NASA, and Olympic Athletes.

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