Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves
Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves

Antiviral InnoCuff Sleeves


• The InnoCuff is lightweight and breathable, contains super-effective UV protection UPF50+ with naturally anti-odor features.
• InnoCuff can regulate your body temperature and is best for all sports and outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, fishing and cycling, etc.

 Explore the icons below showcasing the functions

Made With Patented 99.9% Pure Silver
Woven Antiviral Technology

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Inhibits & eliminates 99% of virus, bacteria and Human Coronavirus 229E

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Without viruses & bacteria inside and out, enjoy an odourless experience

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UV Protection

Protect your skin under the sun with our highest UV resistant products

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Max breathability

Made with cooling silver technology,
ensure maximum level of breathability

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Compliment your skin with the smooth, soft texture

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With protection against dust mites, stay worry-free during your travels

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Endure 200 washes

Even after 200 washes, still maintains antimicrobial functions

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Easy to dry

After washing, enjoy an easy-to-dry process 


The Best Look For You

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Vertex Medic Cap look 4.webp__PID:73e15a97-2ee6-44cd-b6f5-4b719b889402
Vertex Medic Cap look 5.webp__PID:5a972ee6-f4cd-46f5-8b71-9b889402aa71

Antiviral Reusable TXM99 InnoShield Mask

Unisex Vertex Water-Resistant Seamtape Shell

Unisex Vertex Water-Resistant 3-in-1 Bag


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Antiviral Phone pouch-02.jpg__PID:8f142d09-4fbd-425d-a51e-6ef4f19b0777
Antiviral Phone pouch_画板 1.jpg__PID:2d094fbd-025d-451e-aef4-f19b0777b831Antiviral Phone pouch-11.jpg__PID:025de51e-6ef4-419b-8777-b83101536fb1Antiviral Phone pouch-12.jpg__PID:6ef4f19b-0777-4831-8153-6fb104acf184Antiviral Phone pouch-03.jpg__PID:4fbd025d-e51e-4ef4-b19b-0777b8310153

Awards And Recognition

"Recognition Is The Greatest Motivator"
At INNOTIER, we have been truly grateful to have recieved so many awards and certifcates for our hygienic, human-centric lifestyle products.

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The InnoShield receives the Silver award for Product Innovation 


INNOTIER receives the Excellence in Pandemic Resilience Award in the HKMA Sustainability Awards


INNOTIER receives the Top 50 Consumer Brands Award by KPMG

Walking The Talk

As a "Business with a Purpose" company, we firmly believe in the value of substantiating our technological claims with evidence and proof. If you would like to check out our certifications and lab reports, please click the link below.