Product Development Ambassador

Product Development Ambassadors are a group composed of dedicated individuals who share a passion for product development and innovation.

About the Program

As a Product Development Ambassador, you will:

1. Share your experiences and knowledge to create fashionable designs.
2. Participate in exclusive product developments with INNOTIER by recommending a style in every quarter, the shortlisted style will be put into production and launched in our flagship store.
3. Gain recognition for your contributions by labeling your name on the garment tag.

Welcoming gifts and Exclusive deals

1. Receive a set of our Vertex Loungewear Set as a welcome gift
2. 5000HKD cash voucher to shop at the INNOTIER Flagship Store
3. Enjoy a one off 20% discount on shopping 20 pieces of accessories of the same style
4. Have a referral quota to recommend 1 friend to become INNOTIER’s Centurion Member who can enjoy an exclusive 10% on full price value products

(Standard Centurion requirement: spending of HKD $80,000 in one purchase)