AgDESMO 滅毒單肩包 – Blond Floret
AgDESMO 滅毒單肩包 – Blond Floret

AgDESMO 滅毒單肩包 – Blond Floret

AgDESMO is a UK registered technology brand under INNOTIER.

Our AgDESMO Shoulder Bag is antiviral, inhibiting and eliminating 99% of Human CoronaVirus 229E under 30s, and includes BFE & VFE over 99%. With anti-odour and thermodynamic features which regulates body heat. Perfect for carrying all big and small things, our shoulder bag is flexible with rose gold snap buttons around the bag for extension.

Capturing Both:

  • Silver technology: Effective in inhibiting and eliminating microorganisms under USA Ionic+. Proven effective against Human Coronavirus 229E, H1N1, and H3N2 up to 98.86% in 2 hours
  • BFE & VFE >99%
  • Efficiency results above are tested reports after 100 washes

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