Silver woven product enter the market ‧Kill germs and Stylish

August 28, 2020 - Wen Wei Po

The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has continued since the beginning of the year. The general public's demand for anti-epidemic products increase persistently, and they begin to pursue for product quality and style.  Juliana Lam, managing director of Julius Group, also known as the "Queen of Glove", launched a new brand, InnoTier, in early July.  InnoTier launches a series of anti-epidemic products in response to the epidemic, including reusable masks, gloves, UVC disinfection pouch and garment bag. The 99.9% pure silver yarn woven into the fabric helps reduce the viability of virus and bacteria on soft surfaces. "The market has responded very well to the new products. It has been more than half a year since the epidemic. The public's requirements for anti-epidemic products have been different from the beginning.  They hope to pursue for better quality product."

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