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January 24, 2022


INNOSHIELD Champion Series SXM99 mask is INNOTIER's latest development incorporating Ionic+ silver technology from Noble Biomaterials. It represents our highest investment in Ionic+, more than any other product on the market – allowing our mask to offer the highest efficiency. Our INNOSHIELD Champion Series SXM99 Mask inhibits 99%+ COVID-19 and SARS on the fabric, beginning on contact, and onwards. Tested against 200 washes.




本地品牌InnoTier成功研發出銀織滅毒可重用口罩,於去年4月獲美國佛羅里達州First Quality Laboratory測試認證,一秒內可抑制及消滅99%引致COVID-19的SARS-CoV-2病毒。當布料接觸到空氣中或人體排出的濕氣時,該口罩會釋出帶正電子的銀離子,破壞帶負電子的病毒細菌膜層,阻止病毒細菌複製,達致殺菌效果,而銀線專利技術亦不會出現塗層剝落的情況,確保銀離子不會被吸入,避免影響人體。

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InnoShield SLM99
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