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Antiviral Reusable TXM99 InnoShield Mask – Classic Tweed

Antiviral Reusable TXM99 InnoShield Mask – Classic Tweed

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 As the newest version of our InnoShield Champion Series silver-woven anti-viral reusable masks, TXM99 features a seamless design with a combination of patterns perfect for mixing and matching in the new season. Being snug-fit with a light, soft and breathable fabric and an adjustable ear loop, this mask series is specially designed without a nose strip, leaving no mark on your face even after prolonged wearing.

Thanks to the patented 99% pure silver fabric woven into our masks, the TXM99 series retains the most powerful feature of the InnoShield family, being able to inhibit and eliminate 99% of viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) instantly ON CONTACT. Enduring 200 industrial washes, TXM99 is also completely reusable, which is unquestionably the best sustainable option for our planet.

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