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Our anti-odor and anti-microbial cover is a stylish blanket that keeps you irresistibly cozy and brings warmth to you at home. Our cover is handy and foldable, you can bring it along with you on plane or the hotels, drape over your shoulders wherever you sit.

    • ionic+ Certification – WTT89001 (view report here)
    • US Silver Ionic+ technology – 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric, effectively inhibit and eliminate microorganisms
    • Proven effective against Human Coronavirus 229E, H1N1, and H3N2 up to 98.86% in 2 hours
    • Thermodynamic: Regulates body-heat
    • INNOTIER smart magnetic system to attach another blanket
    • Anti-odor
    • Anti-static
    • Durable: 100 washes
    • Comes with tailor-made Ionic+ silver draw-string bag for storage

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