Ms Juliana Lam's sharing at HKUST on a "Business with a Purpose"

INNOTIER x HKUST Connect — Changemaker “Business with a purpose” sharing

Today, our founder, Juliana Lam attended HKUST Connect’s Changemaker GearUp Training Series and shared her thoughts and experience on building a “Business with a Purpose” with ESG, and the challenges faced as a female in the manufacturing industry. The students were very involved and exchanged many interesting questions and answers, with very attractive gifts given to students who could answer some INNOTIER-related questions too!

This sharing is INNOTIER’s first step towards our large-scale collaboration with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Connect. We truly hope to bring the concept of ESG, a “Business with a Purpose” and entrepreneurship to more students and allow them to understand INNOTIER’s story, a brand that creates fashion that protects.